What Are My Water Cooler Options?

Over recent years, water coolers popularity has grown and grown whether they are used for home use or for office use. Majority of water coolers are fitted to offices as they help your employees and colleagues to stay healthy and hydrated. Water coolers are one piece of essential office equipment that shouldn’t be over looked.

If you are looking to have a cooler installed into your office or home, then you must be fully aware of the benefits. If not here are a few;

– Water dispensers help to keep you and your staff hydrated and cool. Meaning that when you are working you are more comfortable and you are able to concentrate more. A hydrated work force is a more productive work force.

– By drinking regularly it helps to keep your body healthy by flushing out any bacteria or toxins that may have entered the body.

– Whether you are renting or purchasing a main fed water cooler or a bottle water cooler, the water is always filtered offering you purer, fresher and safer water to drink. mccoy cooler

There are two types of coolers; firstly, mains fed dispenser. This type of cooler is connected to the building’s main supply. This is the only downside to this type of dispenser is that it may limit your options as to where to place the dispenser. The water is filtered through the filtration system which is built into the cooler. A mains fed water dispenser offers you unlimited drinking water at the touch of a button. Secondly, is the bottled cooler, this type of cooler allows you to control your usage, as you can organise to have regular deliveries of bottled water to suit your needs and level of usage whether that be weekly, fortnightly or monthly. A bottle cooler is easy and quick to install and because it is only connected to the mains electricity to help maintain the temperature, it is easily relocated to anywhere that has a power socket.

You can either rent or purchase both types of water coolers. Many companies prefer to rent, due to the large amount of companies specialising in coolers. The growing demand in water dispensers ensures that water dispenser companies offer good deals, but be sure to shop around first. Included in some of the offers are regular servicing and cleaning of your water dispenser by a trained engineer. You should also make sure that the water dispenser company you select is a member of the BWCA (British Water Cooler Association. As well as other benefits such as free fitting, low rental prices and free cups, all of these offers depend solely on the package that you choose.

When having a mains fed water dispenser or bottled water dispenser installed in your office, you can still get a choice of what temperature to have your water. Many water dispensers come with two or three taps depending on what you desire. You can have a cold, room temperature or a hot water tap installed. Most water coolers are available in various shapes, sizes and colour meaning that you are guaranteed to find the water cooler to suit your office or home.



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